Darlene Lim is an award-winning short filmmaker who has worked in film, television and communications in a variety of roles, including writer, story consultant, researcher and television field producer, as well as in sales and acquisitions for the arthouse cinema distribution sector.

In France, Darlene began writing for the beauty and cosmetics industry and she now currently manages print and video editorial projects for the fashion marketing department of a French tech company. She’s available to take on freelance work, and can write about everything from the best baguette in Paris to what it’s like to travel overnight on an unheated chicken bus to Uyuni, Bolivia, in the dead of winter (true story).

In 2010, Darlene gave up her post of Communications Specialist at one of Canada’s largest media companies to embark on a one-year working holiday in Paris, France.  It didn’t take long, however, for her to fall in love with the city and decide that one year in Paris wasn’t nearly long enough…

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  1. Nin Says:

    Hi Darlene, by chance I stumble on your blog and I think its very interesting blog, I will start following your blog from now on


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