Two bedrooms, one bath… and a post-modern glass dog?

June 10, 2010

For the last few weeks, my main focus here has been my search for an apartment in Paris, specifically a colocation with one or more roommates, since my Canadian dollars don’t go very far over here, and gainful employment is still somewhere on the horizon.  This has proved somewhat more difficult than expected, as it turns out renting an apartment in Paris is infinitely more complicated than renting one in Toronto (something which I will get into in more detail later).

I’ve been searching on a few sites and in addition to the usual “Send me a deposit in advance by Western Union as urgency is of the utmost importance” scams, I have also encountered some quirks to apartment-hunting on this side of the ocean. Notably, most people don’t bother to post pictures, something which surprises me in this day and digital age.  Also, when I contact people to ask questions or request pictures of an apartment, they don’t always send me answers, but rather, propose meeting for coffee first to see if we get along. I had a very pleasant dinner at a Japanese restaurant with a prospective roommate who revealed halfway through the meal that neither of the bedrooms in the apartment had a fourth wall, but were instead separated from the living room by a curtain.  Dealbreaker.

Sometimes when I e-mail questions, people respond by sending me their address and suggesting that I just come and see the place. This would be perfectly reasonable, except that the reason for my questions is that I am trying to narrow my search down first, rather than trekking all over the city from one apartment to another. If you tell me in advance that you smoke like a chimney or that one roommate will be sleeping in the living room (surprisingly common here), then you’re saving us all a lot of time.

There is the odd person who does post photos, but occasionally I find their choice of selection rather baffling. The photo below, for example, appeared with an ad for an apartment in the 13ième arrondissement. What it’s supposed to tell me about the apartment – or indeed, the roommate – I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps one of you can decipher the mystery.

Crafty built-in security system or
modern art representation of apartment?

3 Responses to “Two bedrooms, one bath… and a post-modern glass dog?”

  1. Alia Says:

    Maybe that IS the roommate…comes alive at night…? Non?

    My question is, how big is that sculpture/figurine? It gives me the wiggins.


  2. Andrea Says:

    I hadn’t noticed before, but is that dog… anatomically correct? Yiiiii…


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