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Paris Dreaming

June 3, 2011

“California Dreamin’… on such a winter’s day.”
– The Mamas & The Papas 

Before I actually moved to Paris, I satisfied my urge to live in la Ville Lumière by designing my own little Paris-inspired apartment in downtown Toronto.

No antique market, ironic hipster boutique or junky garage sale within a 200 km radius was safe from my relentless scavenging and roving eagle eye. Much care, imagination and elbow grease went into creating some of the best pieces. I’m particularly proud of the “antique” kitchen chalkboard which I MacGyvered out of a gaudy gold-framed oil painting (surely the remains of some enterprising effort from an amateur artist in the 80s).  One 2×4 piece of pressboard, a pint of blackboard paint, some sandpaper, whitewash, and lots of spit and polish later, and I had the perfect centerpiece for my “kitchen café”.

It’s funny—today, most of my “Paris apartment” is sitting in storage…  but I’m in Paris!

Here are the pics.  Happy Friday everybody!

My Paris refuge in Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood

Café crème, anyone?

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